Q&A about our items sent via Auspost untracked mail

Q: Why do you even consider untracked mail? Isn’t parcels safer?

A: We send some of our items via auspost untracked mail. This is common practice among low volume online sellers in Australia. The reason behind it is that we as Australians are priced very unfairly compared to overseas sellers.

For small items sent as parcels, it costs more to send from Melbourne to Sydney, than from Hongkong to Sydney, than from China to Sydney, via Royal mail arrangements and Universal Postal Union arrangements, which grants favourable rates for developing countries. For items priced at around $10-20 Aussie dollars, it’s not practical for most people to pay $9 just for postage. There is no “Free Postage” in the world as every cent of the selling cost has to be considered into the final price, one way or another. That’s the reason why so many sellers package their items in envelopes and send as large letter via auspost. It’s a lot cheaper ($2.20 or $3.30 compared to $9) and arguably almost has the same delivery speed as parcels.

Matilda Sports now gives the choice of choosing postage method to our customers. Starting 2021, we add option to upgrade to parcel postage for all of our items, so if you wish to track your parcel with a bit more payment, you can have it. Remember we still provide free postage for all order totals over $50.

Q: What if untracked mail gets lost?

A: Problem with untracked mails is that they are untracked, so items do get lost. In the case that you have not received your item in 2 weeks, please let us know by sending us an email or fill out the contact us form here. We WILL make it right for you.

Q: What can I do if Auspost hold my item and ask for postage for an underpaid item?

A: Yes sometimes Auspost may determine that the mail is too thick, or heavy, or hard, and decide to charge a parcel price.Usually Auspost sends us the invoice for the underpaid items, we always pay them in full. However sometimes out of distrust, Auspost decides to charge the recipient for the underpaid postage. In this case, please do not be mad, remember that we ALWAYS bear the cost AND risk for all untracked mails we send. You can take a note of the “Article Number” of the held item and send it to us, so that we sort out the release of the item for you. Or you can choose to pay and collect the item immediately, and we WILL reimburse you the cost, simply obtain a receipt for any payment you make to the post office and send it to us. We will refund you the cost via your original payment method.

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